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The Newark Faculty Council is a deliberative body. Much of that deliberation occurs within its five Standing Committees. The function of the Standing Committees is to investigate and report to the Council on matters within their areas of concern, either on their own initiative or on request from the Council or its officers. Every Standing Committee has at least three members, and one ex officio member from university administration. Every Council Member is expected to serve on at least one Standing Committee. Each Standing Committee may draw further membership from members of the Newark Faculty at large.

The Standing Committees of the Newark Faculty Council are:


Faculty Affairs. Areas of concern: curriculum, pedagogy, academic standards and regulations, testing and grading, academic calendar, research, academic freedom, and academic personnel policies.

                2021-21 Members: Joe Markert (Chair), Sean Mitchell, Erich Toncre, Taja-Nia Henderson (ex officio)


Budget and Planning. Areas of concern: budget priorities and allocations, general planning.

                2021-22 Members: Barry Komisaruk (Chair), Alexander Gates, Nermin Allam, Domonic Bearfield, Amber Randolph (ex officio) 


Bylaws and Governance. Areas of concern: Council bylaws, unit election procedures, and governance issues at all levels.

                 2021-22 Members: Brian Murphy (Chair), Mike Barnett, John Kettle, Jack Lynch, John Gunkel (ex officio)


External Affairs. Areas of concern: relations with City of Newark, County of Essex, other colleges and universities, and community groups.

                 2021-22 Members: Tracy Tran (Chair), Lynnette Mawhinney, Brandon Paradise, Ray Williams, Shante Palmer (ex officio)


Facilities and Services. Areas of concern: campus physical facilities, security, computing, libraries, other campus services, athletics, and student life.

                 2021-22 Members: Haesun Kim (Chair), Edem Avakame, Edward Bonder, Laura Lomas, Miklos Vasarhelyi, Krista White, Angela Bonilla (ex officio)