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Law and Background Documents

last updated January 10, 2018

For current information on implementation of restructuring, see the Joint Rutgers-UMDNJ Integration website.

For background material besides that listed below, see the Documents and Media Archive sections of the “Save Rutgers-Camden Information Site” run by faculty comprising the Coordinating Committee to Save Rutgers-Camden.

Rutgers and Medical Education in New Jersey This includes the UMDNJ Advisory Committee Final Report (January 25, 2012) (the “Barer Report”)

Response of the NFC to the Barer Report (Feb.13,2012)

Joint Committee Meetings of the Senate Higher Education Committee and Assembly Higher Education Committee to receive testimony on the Barer Report recommendations: March 6, 2012 in Newark | March 19,2012 at Glassboro | Appendix to Glassboro meeting

Rutgers Board of Governors and Board of Trustees Principles Regarding Higher Education Restructuring (June 6, 2012)

Rowan-Rutgers merger puts local political interests ahead of the state by John Farmer, Jr. (June 6, 2012 on

Letter to New Jersey Legislature from Rutgers faculty (June 12,2012) Ten members of the Newark Faculty Council present for an emergency meeting on June 14, 2012 voted unanimously to endorse this letter.

Senate Bill No.2063 (“New Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act,”), Third Reprint (as amended through June 21, 2012)

Statement summarizing the June 21, 2012 Senate floor amendments to S2063.

Assembly Bill No. 3102 Second Reprint (as amended by Assembly June 28, 2012 and passed as substitute for Senate No. 2063), approved August 22, 2012, P.L. 2012, c.45.

Statement summarizing the June 28, 2012 Assembly floor amendments.

New Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act, P.L. 2012, c.45, approved August 22, 2012 (to be codified at N.J. Statutes 18A:64M-1 to -30)