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updated October 1, 2014

Academic Affairs

(Area of concern: curriculum, pedagogy, academic standards and regulations, testing and grading, academic calendar, research, academic freedom, and academic personnel policies)

  • Janet Larson, FASN, English (Chair)
  • Ted Szatrowski, RBS
  • Edem Avakame, SCJ
  • John Aveni, PTL/FASN, Writing Pgm.
  • Ray Leibman, PTL/RBS
  • Gabe Miller, FASN/English

Budget and Planning

(Area of concern: budget priorities and allocations and general planning)

  • Alexander J. Sanella, RBS (Chair)
  • Miklos Vasarheyli, RBS
  • Kenneth Kressel, FASN, Psychology
  • Jane Gilman, FASN, Math & Comp. Sci.

Bylaws and Governance

(Area of concern: Council bylaws, unit election procedures, and governance issues at all levels)

  • Michael Crew, RBS

External Affairs

(Area of concern: relations with City of Newark, County of Essex, other colleges and universities, and community groups)

  • Miklos Vasarheyli, RBS (Chair)
  • John R. Kettle III, Law
  • Barry Komisaruk, FASN, Psychology
  • Jyl Jospehson, FASN/Political Science
  • Madinah Hamidullah/SPAA
  • Lyra Monteiro/FASN, History

Facilities and Services

(Area of concern: campus physical facilities, security, computing, libraries, other campus services, athletics, and student life)

  • Paul Boxer, FASN, Psych.
  • Susan Lyons, Law Library
  • James Tepper, CMBN
  • Keir Reavie, Dana Libary