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updated December 15, 2019

Executive Cabinet | Elected Council Members | Chancellor | Administrative Support( For lists of members and officers from earlier years, see the Minutes section.)


Chair: Alex Gates
Vice Chair: Mary Rizzo
Secretary: Rosa Oppenheim

Cabinet members:
April Benasich
Joe Markert
Ashaki Rouff

Newark Campus Advisory Board: Jane Gilman


SASN | Criminal Justice | Rutgers Business School | Graduate School
Law School | Dana Library | Public Affairs & Admin. | Contingent Faculty

Faculty of Arts and Sciences-Newark
Through June 30, 2021
April Benasich
Aidekman Research Center
Room 216
Tel: Ext. 3598

Jane Gilman
Mathematics and Computer Science
Smith Hall – Room 312
Phone: (973) 353-5156

Mary Rizzo
FASN – History
175 University Avenue, Rm 247
Newark, NJ 07102-1814
(973) 353-1166

Ashaki Rouff
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Smith Hall – Room 135
Phone: (973) 353-2511
through June 30, 2020
Alexander Gates
Dept of Earth & Environmental Sci.
Smith Hall, Room 136
Phone: (973) 353- 5034

through June 30, 2021
Gary Farney
Department of History Conklin Hall – Room 323

Tim Raphael
Department of Arts, Culture and Media Express Newark

Haesun Kim
Department of Biological Sciences Boyden Hall – Room 206

through June 30, 2020
Beryl Satter
FASN – History
Room 336
Phone: (973) 353-5410

School of Criminal Justice
through June 30, 2020
Edem Avakame
Center for Law & Justice Room 544
Ext 3295

Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick
through June 30, 2022
Professor Michael L. Barnett
Professor of Management & Global Business, and Dean’s Research Professor
through June 30, 2020
Rosa Oppenheim
RBS-Supply Chain Management
Tel. (973) 353-5393

through June 30, 2021
Miklos Vasarhelyi
Accounting & Information Systems
Ext. 5002
through June 30, 2020
Joseph Markert
Management & Global Business
1 Washington Park Room 1094

Graduate School-Newark

through June 30, 2021
Dr. Fran Bartkowski
Department of English
Tel. 973.896.1754

School of Law
through June 30, 2021
Brandon Paradise
Ext. 3263

through June 30, 2021

John R. Kettle III
Center for Law & Justice, Room 463
Ext. 3257

Dana Library
through June 30, 2022
Krista White
Digital Scholarship and Pedagogies Librarian
John Cotton Dana Library
Rutgers University – Newark Ext.5913

School of Public Affairs and Administration
through June 30, 2021
Dr. Jiahuan Lu SPAA

Contingent Faculty
through June 30, 2021
Ray Williams NTT at RBS


(Per the Council Bylaws Art.III, sec.2, the Chancellor serves as an ex officio member of the Council.)

Nancy Cantor, Chancellor

Jerome Williams, Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor.


Ana Rivas Administrative Coordinator for The Office of the Chancellor provides administrative support for the Council.


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