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Website Maintenance Checklist

last updated January10, 2018

This site is currently maintained by Newark Faculty Council

Annually, at beginning of fall semester

  • When newly elected Council members are appointed to committees, add them on the current committees page "committees_[yyyy=yy].html".
  • When meeting schedule is announced, update the page "schedule.html".
  • Create a new minutes page "NFCminutesyyyy-yy.html" and add a link to that new page on the page "minutes.html". The new page "NFCminutesyyyy-yy.html" should include a link to the page "minutes.html" in the side bar navigation area, under the link to the NFC homepage. It should also include links to the members-and-officers page and the committees page for the new year. (The new minutes page can be constructed by saving the prior year's minutes page with the year changed in the name, then changing the years in the title, heading, and links, and deleting the old meeting dates.)

Annually, at end of spring semester

  • When results of elections of new Council members from each unit become known, construct a new page "NFCmembers[yyyy-yy] for the new year, by saving the current year's members-and-officers page with the new name, deleting non-continuing members, and adding the new members. On the current year's members page, enable the link to the next year's page by uncommenting it and changing the year.
  • When results of election of officers and Executive Cabinet for the coming year are known, add them to the members-and-officers page for that year.
  • Construct a new committees page for the coming year by saving the current committees page with the year changed in the name, then delete from the new page the members who are not continuing.
  • On or as soon as possible after July 1st, change the "Members & Officers" link on the home page ("index.html") to point to the new members-and-officers page and change the "Committees" link on the new page to point to the new committees page.

Upon Dissemination of Minutes of each Meeting

  • Save minutes as PDF, naming file "NFCminutesyyyy-mm-dd.pdf" and upload; and
  • add link to the new minutes on the minutes page for the current year.
  • Texts of resolutions should be part of the minutes, but a resolution can also be uploaded as a separate document named "NFCresolutionyyyy-mm-dd.pdf" and linked from the appropriate "NFCminutesyyyy-yy.html" page.

When necessary:

  • Revise "bylaws.html" page to reflect any amendments to the bylaws.
  • Update the "members[yyyy-yy].html" page to reflect any mid-year changes in Council membership.
  • Update the "committees_[yyyy-yy].html" page to reflect appointments of new chairs or changes in committee membership.
  • Add committee reports or other Council documents as requested by Council leadership; generally such documents can be linked on the "NFCminutesyyyy-yy.html" page for the current year, but if there are many documents on one topic it may be desirable to set up a separate index page for them, as was done for the restructuring documents. If a new page is needed, use the file "NFC_template.html" to create the new page, and add a link to the new page on the homepage. If more than a couple such special pages accumulate, it would probably be good to create a "miscellaneous documents" page listing them, and have a homepage link only to that misc. docs. page.

    General caution:

    After uploading a new or revised page or other file, verify that it is viewable and correct. It is sometimes necessary to reset permissions on a file after uploading (in SSH Secure File Transfer, right-click on file and select "properties"; owner, group, and other should have "read" permission - only owner should have "write" - i.e. permission mode 644).

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